Thursday, January 21, 2010

Question: Which brand of paper towels is strongest when wet?
Hypothesis: I predict that bounty paper towels are strongest when wet.

You Need:
3 different brands of paper towels
a rough spot to rub the paper towel against
a sheet of paper
a timer
-tear one section of the paper towel off on each brand (make sure u know which brand is which)
-got each section of paper towel wet and squeezed out the extra water
-observed what each paper towel looked like when wet (strong, or weak)
-rubbed each paper towel against carpet and used the timer to see how long it took to start tearing
-recorded the times on a sheet of paper
-I took a picture of each paper towel on the carpet after it had ripped
-then I observed what it looked like after
-look at the times to see which one was stronger when wet
-looks like it's pretty strong when wet
-took 10 seconds for Bounty to start tearing
-after i rubbed it on the carpet and it tore i took a picture
-I also saw that it doesn't look all bunched up, part of it rolled up, and it tore on the side
- Looks very strong when wet- it took 11 seconds for Viva to start tearing
-after it was rubbed on the carpet and it tore I took a picture
- I also saw that after it was tore it looked like it's rolled up and it tore a hole in the middle
Ultra Paper Towels:
- looks very weak when wet, and it's see through when wet
-it took 9 seconds for it to start tearing
-I took a picture of it after it was rubbed on the carpet and had tore
- I also noticed that it looks all bunched up and tore straight through the middle
-Turns out Viva is the strongest paper towel brand out of the brands I have tested.